Agemaspark Eroders

Spark Erosion, or more formally Electric Discharge Machining (EDM), is a way of cutting extremely hard materials using an electrical current (a spark) passed between two electrodes whilst the work area is doused with a dielectric insulating fluid to wash away debris. One of the two electrodes will be the workpiece itself which is electrified via a direct current. The tool is then positioned close to the workpiece and a spark is generated, this spark is powerful enough to crater the surface of the workpiece and through this continued action the surface is eroded and shaped.

The use of a Spark Eroder removes the need to heat and reshape metals such as steel since the EDM machine can cut them as is. Additionally, single-crystal alloys and other very hard materials that would be almost impossible to cut and shape so precisely using other means can be machined within extremely narrow margins of variance, 0.0001mm to be precise. The same is true of extremely fragile materials where tool contact would cause deformation.

Furthermore, due to the tiny area of effect of the spark, smaller workpieces can be cut easily. Using traditional drilling methods there are obvious limitations when the workpiece is very small or fragile, but with EDM these concerns evaporate.

As an example application consider a jet-engine turbine blade. The holes drilled into these materials need to be precise, but the alloys employed are so rigid that conventional means of would be unfeasible. Contact drills and tools can have issues with drill-bits jumping or causing damage through the pressure of the cutting action, whereas EDM drilling is zero-contact meaning the surface finish is perfect.

In combination with our CAD-CAM system, we are able to produce extremely precise work. We make parts for high performance cars such as gearbox parts, steering assemblies and wing rams. We have a reputation for accuracy, reliability and timeliness built on thirty years of engineering experience. Our spark and wire erosion skills are utilised by companies demanding the very best, which we are only too happy supply.