Hurco C.N.C slant-bed Lathe

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines have evolved only very slightly since their inception in 1952 because the fundamental design is so sound. What has changed is the quality and capacity of the user-interface, increasing the complexity of work that's possible whilst reducing the time it takes to generate the routine.

Automating the milling via a CAD-CAM package and conversational programming of the mill makes production of very complex and precise parts is not only far simpler than previously, it's also far more cost effective to produce small batches or prototypes since the time to program the machine has shrunk so much. The kind of precision possible with a CAM aided mill is almost unbelievable, but the accuracy of bored holes is plus or minus 0.01 of a millimetre.

We use a Hurco CNC Milling Machine, a twenty post toolchanger capable of 3-axis contouring. We have a direct link to our 5 axis NC Graphics CAD-CAM system and together they are the heart of our workshop, enabling us to design and produce consistently high-quality work.

We use the same system to manufacture electrodes for our spark eroders. Our workload for this machine varies from Formula One race car components through to tooling for the computer and film industry.