Here at Delen, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our clients. As such, we offer a range of services including:

  1. Tool design
    Using CAD we can analyse the needs of our clients and provide a solution that is fully functional and economically viable. We have years over 30 years of experience designing tools for a wide range of companies.
  2. Development
    We work with clients to hone and develop their ideas and products. We regularly produce in small-batches, giving clients the chance to take their product away and trial it before working with us on re-tooling and evolving the design.
  3. Model making
    Mock-ups, prototypes and test-rigs are all vital components in engineering industries involving high-tech, and high-cost, products. We work closely with multiple sectors, for instance motor sports manufacturers, to produce cutting-edge prototypes and models.
  4. Press tools
    We reguarly design and produce press tools for for a wide range of businesses. Our long experience in press tools and die-making will prove invaluable. Whether our client is simply looking to improve the quality of their existing press tools and dies, or is attempting to produce something cutting edge, we can work with them.
  5. Jigs and fixtures
    To compliment our supplied press tools we also produce the jigs and fixtures to hold the work in place while it's pressed.
  6. Moulds
    Moulds have been used since the stone-age to produce spear tips, and although we haven't been around quite that long, we've been mouldmaking for many years for a wide range of clients. We can create moulds from supplied designs, or work with a client to develop the mould from scratch.
  7. CAD/CAM
    When it comes to modern engineering, CAD/CAM is what revolutionised the industry. We are experts in both Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing. The precision our clients require would be impossible with the ability of CAM to control our EDM and for a combination of CAD and other processes such as model-making to generate the initial tools and dies for the production process.
  8. Spark Eroding and Wire Eroding
    We have several items of plant (see our plant list) specific to the EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) field. Because we have both spark and wire capabilities spread across multiple machines we can produce work efficiently and accurately. Our experience and skill in both Spark and Wire Eroding is well known within the industry and used by Formula One teams and the Aerospace industry.