Sodick A320D Wire Eroder

Maintaining our commitment to precision, we have a Sodick A320D Wire Eroder for ultra-precise drilling. Accuracy of just a few micrometres is achievable, and the surface finish is near-perfect especially when compared to normal drilling techniques where the drill bit is in contact with the workpiece.

With Wire Erosion, an ultra-thin wire is passed through the work and the entire piece is then submerged in an insulating liquid; deionized water is used to control resistivity and wash away debris from the cutting action. The wire is spooled continually and controlled via upper and lower diamond guides. The lower guide moves in the x-y axis, but the upper guide can also control the wire in the z-u-v axis meaning the surface can be tapered and complex shapes can be cut.

Sodick make some of the best Wire Eroders available so we're pleased to be able to offer our customers the A320D. The precision and finish possible means that industries relying on extreme levels of accuracy – for instance the Aerospace industry and motor racing – come to us knowing that the end result will meet their requirements perfectly.